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Clean and green parking

Updated: Apr 16

Maintaining more open green space.

Automated or valet style vertical parking systems save an average of 75% of the necessary land compared to a traditional garage or parking lot.

The demand for conservation and environmentally conscious developments has never been higher. Every planning and zoning department across the country encourages developers to maintain as much green and open space as possible. Without certain green space parameters, many developments don't get approved. Smaller and more compact parking structures that net out the same number of parking spaces are already the norm in many countries. Besides the space benefits, vertical systems use far less building materials than a traditional build. Lighting is down to a minimum, so utility costs are drastically reduced as well.

A clean machine A study by Environmental Consultants found that pollutants from an automated system were significantly reduced when compared to a traditional garage. In the study, emissions were estimated for vehicle travel within a 350-space manual parking garage versus a 350-space automated garage. The specific pollutants of concern were carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and carbon dioxide (CO2), a “greenhouse” gas of concern with respect to global warming. In addition, gasoline and diesel fuel consumption was also evaluated. Parking garage emissions and fuel consumption were determined based on the hourly volumes of entering and exiting vehicles, the distance traveled, the average speed, and the amount of idling time. As can be seen in the table below, the automated garage results in a much lower level of emissions and fuel usage.

We already know that vertical parking systems are less expensive, safer, and faster. Now we know they are more environmentally friendly, saving space and air quality.


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