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Safety is job one

Updated: Apr 16

Accidents happen.

When most people think of a car accident, they don’t usually think of it occurring in a parking lot or garage. However, the National Safety Council shows that a staggering one in every five motor vehicle accidents happen in parking lots and garages. According to the NSC, there are over 50,000 accidents in lots and garages every year, causing 60,000 injuries and 500 deaths. These usually happen due to cars backing out or turning into spaces, coming around corners on garage ramps, blind spots and more. Tripping and slipping while walking through parking lots and garages is also a major concern for the NSC. Cracks in asphalt or concrete, dim lighting, ice and snow, water and oil spots are all contributing factors to injuries.

Maintenance and security is a big expense for any lot or garage owner. In addition to the accidents and injuries to the pedestrian, the property owner can face a host of legal troubles for years. Keeping a garage or parking lot accident-free is just about impossible.

We have the solution.

With an automated or valet vertical parking system, there is never an interaction between pedestrians and vehicles. There are no ramps, no backing in or out, and no tight blind spots to deal with. In an automated system the car pulls in, engine is turned off, driver gets out and then the “parking” is done by the system. The car is later retrieved at the same spot it was left.

With valet style, the driver leaves the car with the attendant who installs it in the racking system themself. No pedestrians ever walking around cars.

Use our automated or valet vertical parking systems for a kinder, gentler way to park cars.


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