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Parking Garages and Lots Are Hotbeds For Crime

Updated: Apr 16

Leaving your car in a parking lot or parking garage can be a dangerous choice for many reasons. With the exception of residential house driveways, more cars are broken into in lots and garages than any other place. Thieves and vandals know that the owner of a car parked in these locations will likely be away from it for an extended period of time. This makes it easy for thieves to do ‘smash and grab’ break-ins, which are becoming more common. Another alarming statistic is that 22% of muggings and other physical crimes happen in parking garages. While security cameras sometimes help, they are not very useful in the moment the crime is happening.

Our reliable technology allows vertical parking with you and your vehicle's safety in mind. The automated system allows you to access your car 24/7, virtually eliminating the concern for vandalism, theft and muggings.

Don’t leave your car a sitting duck for theft and vandalism, choose one of our car park facilities instead.


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